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We are a British publishing house with a mission: to publish new authors and new ideas to service a growing market of smart readers. In other words, our philosophy is to be 'publishers of intelligent books'. If your first language is not English, we are still very interested in your work and are ready to put our entire setup at your service. 

Why choose us?

Our strengths lie in the speed with which we respond to authors’ queries, the highly-personalised service we offer our authors, and the enthusiasm and determination with which we are set on marketing and selling our authors’ books.

We also offer the unique service of linguistic editing. If you have a good manuscript that has been rejected by the more established publishers - then we can help you. If the only problem is linguistic, then we can publish your book after we do linguistic editing. No other publisher will help you with that.

Get in touch

If you think you can satisfy our only requirement - the high standard of your book’s content - then please get in touch. 

We can transform your manuscript into a high quality book to serve as a vehicle for your knowledge and research.

Together we can be a great team - promoting your work and making a success of your book!

Collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London


Translating French and Italian Texts


The Pertinent Press is working with Goldsmiths, University of London on providing MA Translation students the opportunity to translate French and Italian texts into English. The work forms part of a Masters-level module and will be supervised by both representatives of the MA in Translation at Goldsmiths, University of London and The Pertinent Press.

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