Diego Fusaro



Dr Diego Fusaro is an Italian philosopher and lecturer in history of philosophy. He founded and directs one of the most substantial Italian websites on philosophy ('La filosofia e i suoi eroi') which is considered the reference point for philosophical Italian debate on the internet. He is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan where he is a member of the teaching staff of the Dottorato in Metafisica. In his writings, Dr Fusaro tackles Marx's thought from a Neo-Hegelian, neo-Idealist perspective. He combines criticism of the capitalist system with elements drawn from the communitarian and souverainism currents. He seeks to bring to the fore the contradictions inherent in the capitalist system and the postmodern human condition. Dr Fusaro's research interests gravitate around the formulation and the practice of a 'critical history of ideas', understood as a discipline which diachronically focuses on the discontinuities which are originated in the transmission of the cultural and symbolical forms of a certain culture, and, synchronically, on the connection which is distinctive of every historical period between cultural codes and thought on the one hand, and material conditions of the production and power on the other. The aim of this discipline is to show this complex web of connections, mainly focusing on this 'exchange zone' between ideas and reality, conceptual and socio-political constellations. In this regard, Fusaro's research involves, on the one hand, the study on the authors that attempted to elaborate a method for the history of ideas, of metaphors and concepts (Foucault, Blumenberg, Koselleck), and, on the other hand, the origins and the semantic modifications of the concept of history from the antiquity on. Currently, he is also focusing on German Idealism, its harbingers (Spinoza) and its followers (Marx).