Marx, Again!

Book cover of Marx, Again! by Diego Fusaro

Marx, Again!

by Diego Fusaro

Preface by Gianni Vattimo

Translated by Steven M. Cenci 

183 pages / February 2017 / 9781912142002

Price: £22 / €24.50

In this radical new book, Dr Diego Fusaro examines the current neo-liberal world through the lens of Marx. The present age has declared itself to be post-ideological, and yet it is the most ideological age of all. Only one ideology has survived, linked to capitalism, the very concrete abstraction which dominates as a real economic fanaticism.

​"Diego Fusaro’s book invites us, in an original and striking fashion, to rethink and rediscover Marx following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The total domination of capitalism, the new world system, compels us to stop recounting edifying histories, even if it is the history of the ‘freedom of the moderns’."

- André Tosel. Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Nice.

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"Marx, again! (with Steven Cenci’s nice translation) is an enjoyable read that is often marked by poetically infused philosophical language that gracefully propels the narrative forward. Despite its brevity as a mini-monograph, this book is a very erudite text – with a broad range of intertextual references – that draws upon the legacy of European philosophy (from Plato to Žižek) and a number of Italian thinkers (Roberto Fineschi, Giovanni Gentile, and Aldo Masullo)."

- Mirko Hall, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books


  • Preface by Professor Gianni Vattimo
  • Foreword
  • 1. Marx 2.0: The return of the removed
  • 2. What is Das Kapital?
  • 3. The idealism of the philosophy of praxis: The spectre of Fichte
  • 4. Critique of ideologies and the ontology of social being
  • 5. Marx’s open construction site
  • 6. 1989: From class struggle to class annihilation
  • 7. Restarting from Marx