Soulless Clones Can't Tell Time


Soulless Clones Can't Tell Time: A Theory from Philosophy, Theology and Science

by Timothy Hunter

In this ground-breaking book, Dr Tim Hunter details an innovative argument for dualism which reveals that humans have souls. As human clones will arrive in the next few decades, they will represent true counterexamples of materialism’s claims, namely because ‘soulless clones cannot tell time’.

Dr Hunter’s theory reveals how multiple schools of philosophy and religion all share a core belief in Trinitarianism – in which things come in three. The schools say we must balance creation, worship and survival to advance on our coiled path in life to the perfection of God – The Divine Providence, Spirit and Physique.

Unlike previous authors who have put forward similar theories, Dr Hunter’s proposal is more inclusive, incorporating Evolution, The Three Wise Men, The EPR Effect in Quantum Mechanics, The Divine Ratio, Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man among other longstanding theologies, philosophies and sciences.

Having practised medicine for over twenty-five years in Washington, Pittsburgh and Myrtle Beach, Dr Hunter brings his experience of interviewing, treating and counselling countless patients to writing an accessible book which can be enjoyed regardless of their religion, philosophy or academic background.

This is a book that predicts future trends. 

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  • Preface by Professor Gianni Vattimo
  • Foreword
  • Philosophy: 1. Faith, Reason and Proof
  • Philosophy: 2. Vast Chasm
  • Philosophy: 3. Aeviternity
  • Theology: 4. What are we doing in this world?
  • Theology: 5. Who is God?
  • Theology: 6. Why do we exist?
  • Theology: 7. Trinitarian Trends
  • Science: 8. Time & Position
  • Science: 9. Beginning with Math Limits
  • Science: 10. Genomics
  • Science: 11. What is real?
  • Science: 12. Symbols?